Synergy Training Solutions

Art Direction, logo, e-book covers and marketing collateral.-- This client wanted her brand to embody her overall lifestyle philosophy: wellness, balance and their synchronicity to a wholisitc and balanced lifestyle through fitness and well being. I started with developing a variey of brush strokes. I focused on the duality of Synergy and how that should resonate in her logo. I experimented with a symbol that took influences from her eastern practices and that actively represented both male | female, alpha | omega, body | mind | and spirit. The logo rotation and variation is intentional. The purple logo symbolizes mind | spirit and transcendence. The dark gray logo symbolizes body | strength and athleticism. The two symbol representations together convey the balancing of opposites typically involved in wholistic living.

Luminous Billing Service

Art Direction, Branding and Web development -- Luminous Billing Service. This client wanted a modern Web 2.0 influenced logo but also wanted it to convey a sense of credibility and prestige. The client wanted to have a modern and tech like symbol without ignoring it's "paper" driven industry standard. The large horizontal L shape check mark is intended to represent both an L, for Luminous and sheets of paper, as in invoices – thereby suggesting the "billing" aspect of my client's business.

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